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tv   [untitled]    September 14, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PST

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will give you. it also has something else with it. we expect you to wear to all appropriate occasions. [laughter] [unintelligible] >> the order of [unintelligible] wow. [laughter] [laughter] >> i am guessing we have a couple of speakers. >> i will be first.
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somebody else can be good. [laughter] i never knew who mike was until he was appointed to the commission, but he happens to come to calamari club almost every friday, except taking off for summer and holidays. it gave me the opportunity that i could vent without calling the port director or irritating someone else. he thought he was coming down to smoke a cigar and relax. i would go down there and sort of break everything. we had this conversation with a couple of other people before the meeting started. being a native san franciscan, i always enjoy working with native san franciscans. we have something in common. we understand. like i told someone earlier today, you do not know someone
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in the city, he will not get anything done. mike was not influential in taking any of my ideas or anything, but he sure gave me an opportunity to vent and keep me in touch with what was going on. the my connection with fish wag, i have a little bit more interest. my areas of concern are broader than the restaurant. it has been a pleasure dealing with mike all these years. just because he is leaving the port does not mean he is off the hook. he still coming down to smoke a cigar. we will have other things. thank you very much. [laughter] [applause] >> on behalf of the san francisco giants baseball team, we would like to commend my for all of his dedication and service to the port commission and for being such a great
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friend and supporter of ours throughout our journey in the waterfront. he may not b the they're more ar today as a fan. we're having the american idol tryouts at the ballpark today. i want to give a heartfelt thanks to you and all of the people who have been at the ballpark since we opened it, for your contributions. [applause] >> i am harold. i have known michael since before he was the port commissioner. we became friends in 1988 when we both unsuccessfully ran for the board of supervisors. we went around the circuit of candidates nights. we became good friends. and know him from the calamari and the godfather's forum. we love you very much. we're very proud of you, commander. [applause]
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>> they are fighting over you, mike. >> i represent the san francisco forum. michael is a member of the san francisco forum. michael, we're very proud of you. continue the good work. [applause] >> i am the class of 1932 when prohibition was voted out. my first contact with michael caine about 25 years ago. since then, we've gotten into a lot of areas. i do not think this is a part of his life that comes out. it is his service to the poor. he was always ready without a
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qualm to say, "sure, i will do it." we've been close friends for the last 25 years. i would like to congratulate him. i am a native san consistent as well. thank you. -- i am a native sentences tha - san franciscan. thank you. >> you have done a terrific job. i hope you enjoy everything going forward. thanks again. [applause] >> i am from the port staff. i may be one of the relative few who were here for the whole 16 years that you were on the commission. we watched as waterfront grow and become what it has become.
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it is largely because of your love for the san francisco and the waterfront, all of the support you provided the staff to help us bring about changes that you created and to weather through some of the bumps along the road. i think you learned how to put out a lot of fires. going to the fire commission, a good move. thank you. [applause] >> commissioner, congratulations. i think the entire commission has heard it over and over from the port staff, but we are really lucky, the people working for the city, to have such a great commission. it really feels like we're working on the same team towards the same objectives. you have always been so attentive to all of the items that we bring to you and help
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desk problem-solve when there were particularly thorny issues. we appreciate that. we wish you luck with the fire commission. we are a little bit jealous of the firefighters in the city. they have a great commissioner coming their way. we look forward to seeing you at the calamari club. [applause] >> commander and commissioner, susan reynolds, director of real estate. personally and on behalf of the real-estate department, thank you very much for all of your support. i hope to see you and for rena continue to come to rue fisherman's wharf events. i have enjoyed visiting with both of you. thank you for all the
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contributions you made to support -- to the port. it must feel good to walk up and down the porch and see what legacy you are leaving behind. thank you very much. [applause] >> commissioner, tom carter from maintenance. my staff is very grateful for the 16 years. they always looked to you when there were issues that needed to come before the commission. you always supported them. for that, i thank you for my staff and myself. we wish you well as the fire department. thank you. [applause] >> commissioners, our lieutenant commander was a way this week, otherwise i know he would have
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wanted to pass on our gratitude from the maritime division. over the past 16 years, we have looked upon you as always there to support labor in our shipyards, which employs over 200 full-time union laborers, always supported of visiting ships, and fleet week, the festivals and events. you boys been very supportive of the fishing industry to do you have always been very supportive of the fishing industry in did you have always been very supportive of the fishing industry. you have always been supportive of our recreational boating. that is an area we can hopefully grow further in the future thanks to the seeds that you have sown.
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with the wind be always at your back, may your seas always be calm, and mayor voyages always be delightful. thank you very much. [applause] >> i am a native san francisc an as well. i have watched anhim at st. vincent boys' school. they were very supportive of the schools. he always supported what the san francisco labor council did with education and everything else. everywhere i have gone and seen him, whatever it is, it has been over 20 something years.
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who is maintaining tradition and improving things? michael is our president of the form. everywhere michael goes, he brings himself and his heart. he does not know how to say no. thank you for all you have done for the city. thank you very much. [applause] >> commissioners? >> my turn. it is really hard for me to believe that you are really leaving. i was appointed to the commission 13 years ago this month. mike was one of the first people i met. he came to the swearing-in. he was president of the
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commission of the time. he welcomed me on to the commission. he became a friend, mentor, and role model. for me, it is hard to believe he will not be here when i come back in two weeks. i am going to miss mike. he has been such a wonderful person. he is truly a dedicated public servant. the fire commission is extremely lucky to get him. congratulations. [applause] >> mike is part of the institutional memory, helping to put matters in perspective because of his longevity on the commission. i have always admired his loyalty to the port and waterfront and his unflagging energy for everything going on down here. even though he has gotten over a lot of hurdles, he is never lost the spirit for doing the right thing. he is an inspiration for all of us. i am sure he will continue to be
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even as he gets comfortable in his new role. we wish you all of the best. maybe we will find a reason to have a joint commission meeting at some point. >> i have enjoyed our time serving together for the last four years out of your 16. it offered a very kind act when i first came on board. we shared some time and a giants game. he gave me the way of the land. i thought that was very thoughtful. every time i mentioned to someone i am with the port commission, they say that it is mike hardeman's commission. you have been associated with the port and i expect that to continue for years to come. congratulations to you. we will miss you. i am sure you will do fantastic work over there as well. congratulations. [applause] >> commissioner, if i may?
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i am really sad that you are leaving. you were one of the first commissioner's the welcome to me here when i first got here. i really appreciate your support, help, and leadership drought years and looking out for us. thank you. i do have some last business for you before you go. [laughter] it has to do with disclosure. where is jack. -- where is jet? >-- where is jack? >> i will add my comments as well. we get to call you might now. that is pretty cool. -- we get to call you mike now. that is pretty cool. you have donated your life every of the weekend to the port of san francisco. i heard to say that was a new record, but barely a new record. we are so fortunate in the city
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and particularly care of the poor to have people as dedicated as you. commissioner and commander hardeman. we hope you will come back. a lot of your work is still under way. we will be welcoming ships in october. we will be breaking ground for the exploreatorium. we hope that you and your heirs will look with great pride on your legacy. the blood going across the street to the fire department. we will miss you. -- good luck going across the street to the fire department. we will miss you. [applause] >> well, when all of these folks have received awards and said goodbye, you sit in those seats and think someday that will be neat if you live long enough. i have lived long enough to be
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thrown out orszag on my way. [laughter] it was not quite thrown off. but mayor newsom thought i did not have the big enough challenge down here and should move on to something else. after 16 years, when i open an agenda or review things, it does become quite easy compared to the first few years. he was right there. many thanks for the lunch today. thank you for the people you invited. i really appreciate that. to every speaker, i appreciate that. i know how hard it is to give a time. thank you. tom representing the fisherman's wharf area, i love fisherman's wharf. i like to see how wonderful everybody is down there, all of the staff and people. it is a great spot.
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i am so glad to a been a bigger part of it. all the things said in my commander's proclamation, the dry dock is something we're happy about, the recycling. the top of the list is definitely giants ballpark. to me, that is to highlight region that is the highlight. working with people like jack bauer. he is incredible. they honored the employees they have had for over 20 years. it is amazing how many. it is like the port staff and port itself. people come to the port. it is a good job. it should be a good job.
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>> i guess there is 15 commissioners. now, it will be 16 for sure, but there is a pretty good location, a pretty good opportunity for people to be a commissioner because it averages, like, a new one every year almost, which is terrific. dianne feinstein gave me my first appointment. so i will always be grateful to her. we have become good friends, and i got another appointment from her, human rights commission. then, mayor jordan appointed me to this commission. prior, he had appointed me to public utilities. then, mayer brown, to me, is the biggest hero on the waterfront. his dynamic personality and leadership and charisma and
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fortitude -- whatever you call it -- the driving force was really instrumental in the whole waterfront. then, there -- mayor newsom. i had a hunch that the last time he appointed me, it would be the last appointment to the board. he was very open with that. but i did not share that with anybody until just now. [laughter] commander -- my father's brother is a commander. he is a hero. fortunately, he survived and became a commander and now lives in denver and moved out of the bay area about 20 years ago, so i'm going to have to tell him there is another commander in the family.
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so i'm trying to make sure, earlier today, my mentor was at the luncheon. he had to leave, but john is my eldest, dearest, labor mentor. leroy king from the longshoreman was my mentor, especially after jimmy herman died. jimmy was just the best. the love to sit next to jimmy at meetings, and he was a real guiding force. passing jimmy herman and terry bridges. i hope to see when commissioner brandon passes me. that would be good. he takes second place. i hope i did not leave anybody out. it has been fun. i love it. i loved serving as commissioner. those wonderful people,
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ernestine white, who probably attended more meetings than any other commissioner, so, ernestine, thank you for all your opinions, and we took it serious. and when tom said earlier that -- we definitely care what he said, but i listened -- no, that is not true. the person on the waterfront that always made the most sense was tom. since he does it from his heart, he does for the right thing, and he will accept any challenge, and, tom, you are the best. i appreciate that. i have to leave now because i'm going to go to susie roth's wake -- memorial service. down at delancey street, so i still cannot get away. as and getting out of my car in the parking lot, which i will turn my pass in. i told them this is my last
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official thing. i got out of the car and i went back to get my agenda, and i said i do not need the agenda. all those years, i only forgot my agenda once, but with an you know it, the secretary, always there, she had an extra one for me. so i will miss everyone here. i am going to enjoy the fire commission that i know. lastly, i would just like to say in "the wizard of oz," judy garland said, "i will miss you the most." so, amy, i will miss you the most. you are the best. [applause]
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>> did you want to read itemsc through e? oh, b, sorry. >> item from the consent calendar, 8a, request approval of fiscal year 2010-2011 executive director salary and benefit 8 itemb, request approval of delegation of authority that executive director of prime consultation with two port commissioners to approve matters in or affecting the fisherman's wharf waterfront until such time as port commissioners exceeded, and 8 itemc, contract modification to contract #2739, pier 33 sidewalk improvement project, to increase the contract amount by an additional amount of $36,575 and
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extend the contract duration by additional 15 california 8 days,d, request -- by an additional eight days, 8d, consulting services for the peer 70 master plan area and to increase the contract amount by $92,470 to $1,342,372. item 8e, request authorization to execute a contract modification with contract inc. to extend substantial completion date and an additional 55 days to october 31, 2010, for installation of a short time power service for cruise ships at pier 27, contract #2722. >> so move. >> is there public comment on these items? seeing none, all those in favor? any opposed? ok, >> item 9a, request approval
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to increase the authority delegated to the public defender for award of public works and community contacts consistent with the threshold amount defined in chapter 6 of san francisco administrative code from $50,000 to $100,000. >> good afternoon. my name is norma nelson. i'm the contract manager for the port. i'm here to present this item. first of all, i would like to acknowledge the existence of the new supervisor for helping me,
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too. i appreciate that very much. with that, i would like to give you some highlights of the report by way of a background on the current city policy, the reason why this policy would be helpful. basically, there are two sections of the administrative code that govern the resolution that is before you today. it is currently at a dollar threshold of $400,000. then, there is chapter 6 of the administrative code that governs professional services which currently add a $100,000 threshold. that is the amount that is authorized to city departments under the direction of the city purchasers. the port commission has a single dollar threshold amount for both of those types of bonds, and that type of threshold least
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$50,000, and that dollar threshold has been in place since the 1980's, and the resolution before you today is our proposal basically to adjust the conflict in the dollar amount that the port commission uses to award contracts and that with those thresholds that are established in the administrative code. adoption of this resolution would also streamline the contract in process, and it would make it easier for u.s. commissioners as well as sports staff in terms of reducing the number of staff reports that are before you. in fact, there is one item on your agenda today that would not be there if we had this in place, so we are asking that you approve the resolution before you that would increase the dollar threshold for construction contracts from the current level of $50,000 to
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$400,000 and increase the dollar threshold for $50,000 the -- for approval of professional service contracts within the limits as established by the administrative code and other the delegation of authority that is provided by the purchaser. that concludes my report. >> so move. second. >> comment on this item? any other questions? >> i would just like to make clear that the basics for the $400,000 for services is a lapse in time since 1980. it is not a code set in chapter 6 that was an unintended error statement. >> so, as we discussed, this is a dollar amount set in the 1980's. the port has grown tenfold since then. >> absolutely. >> thank you for the correction. i meant to say that that was
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$50,000 adopted by the port commission. >> so we have a motion and second. all those in favor? any opposed? ok, thank you. the am a9 itemb, informational report on the port's final biannual capital budget for fiscal years 2010-2011 and 2011- 2012. >> good afternoon. deputy director finance and administration. the purpose of this informational item is to advise you on any material changes to the biennial annual operating and capital budgets. from the proposed budget that the port commission approved on march 9, 2010. both budgets have changed. as a result of the mayor's office and board of supervisors review. starting first with the operating budget, the fiscal year 2011 budget is 66 million,


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